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Improving our Environment

Ekiti joined the in year 2019 to mitigate adverse effects of soil and land degradation in targeted watershed and to regenerate degraded forests for environmental sustainability in the State.

Has since been able to regenerate the nine (9) forest reserves in the State. As well as attending to the precarious state of many of the gullies in the State.


Soil Erosion and degradation is one of the most serious environmental and public health problems facing human society today. Humans obtain more than 99.7% of their food from the land and less than 0.3% from the oceans and other aquatic ecosystems


The nine(9) forest reserves in the State are now regenerated.

Gully and Erosion

Gullies that cut off communities from each other, blocked access to farm produce and became threat to lives and livelihood of people in some parts of the state are constructed.

The Earth has all man need for sustainance, do your best to keep it safe

Our Projects

Aramoko Forest Reserve

Regeneration of Aramoko Forest Reserve

The Project Coordinator on Inspection

The project Coordinator on Inspection to one of our Ecological sites in Ikere-Ekiti

Afao-Oriebu @ Ikere-Ekiti

Be responsible for your environment, be prompt, responsive and committed to a clean, safe and hygienic environment